How Fake Followers Will Kill Your Account in 2020

Today we’re going to talk about how fake followers will end up being a dead-weight for your account and shut the ability to use organic growth methods in the future. First off, it is worth noticing that as Instagram is cracking down on automation, many bots are getting banned, which means that if you have managed to find a service selling fake followers, it is very likely that not soon after they’ve arrived, they’ll start dropping and soon enough, the 10K followers that you ordered has dropped by 5K overnight, and now Instagram is wondering why half of your 10,000 followers have unfollowed you, and the first assumption that they come to is that your content/profile must be really bad. If Instagram thinks that, then they won’t favour your content or your page in general and your organic reach will massively drop, resulting in a decline in the speed of growth your account is growing.

The way the algorithm works is that once you post, they slowly push it out to your followers’ feeds. Let’s take a guess and say that right after you post, Instagram shows your post to 10 of your followers. Depending on how those 10 users interact with your post, whether theyscroll right past it, stay on it for a minute, share, save or like the post, or even comment, will determine how good Instagram thinks your content is. If only 1 out of those 10 people like the post, Instagram will automatically assume that your content is bad, and because it only wants to show highly engaging content to Instagram users to keep them on the platform, they won’t push that specific post.

This leads me onto my next point. Let’s imagine that you have 20,000 followers and half of those (10,000) are fake. Instagram decides to show your post to 10 people right after you post. Because half of your followers are fake, in actuality only 5 people will have the chance to engage with that content, which will greatly reduce your engagement, and as such, Instagram doesn’t want your content on the platform because your content isn’t engaging.

Now this might sound fine for a brand, you can just buy fake likes too, to accompany your followers, and then the numbers will balance out and to the common person it’ll look legit right? Well, you’ve brought yourself down a rabbit hole there, because now you have to buy comments because everyone will think it’s fake if you have 0 comments and 1,000 likes. Things will get pricy, and what you’ve actually done is scuppered any chances you have of ever leveraging Instagram to grow your business. Because if you can’t organically grow your account, you don’t have any traffic to push off the platform to your product/service.

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