As per Sprout Social, approximately 80% of users on Instagram follow a brand. Let’s imagine you’re a dentistry practise, and you’re trying to find new patients, and also engage with your existing patients. It can seem like there’s a world of information out there, so we’ve compiled the best Instagram marketing strategies that dentists can use in 2021 to grow their instagram followers, and garner more engagement.

Content Strategy For Dentistry Practises

Consumers want reassurance, so instead of constantly promoting, fill your feed with content that explains how your dentistry practise runs things, and further, how it treats its customers with care. Customer education will ensure that your patients have a better experience once they’ve actually sat down in your practise, as they already know what’s going to happen. This will keep existing followers more engaged and better informed of how you work.

Understanding Your Audience

It’s important to understand that those already following your dentistry practice will most likely have aims in mind. They most likely have problems with their teeth, and have goals they want to achieve with their teeth. You need to be able to understand that these problems and goals will be very different, and so the breadth of the content your dentistry practise posts has to be large. 

Have A Business Account

Denstistry practises have patients come into their location, so if you’re trying to reach new followers and customers within the area, you need to make it clear where you’re practise is located, and the best way to do this is by adding a location after activating a business account.

An example business Instagram profile of a dentistry practise

Dominate Your Location

If your dentistry is located within a small town or part of a city, you want everyone within your local vicinity on Instagram to know about your dentistry practise. You can do this by exploring recent and top posts on locations near you on Instagram. Once you’re there, start interacting with those posts. Likes and genuine comments are most effective for this strategy, as you can interact on a human level with those who will realise your dentistry practise is near to where they live.

What the location tag for ‘London’ looks like – dentists based in London would interact with these posts

Influencer Marketing For Dentists

Here are the 125 most followed dental influencers. Now why is this important? Influencer marketing is not restricted to specific industries, even dentistry practises can use them. Furthermore, influencers come in many shapes and sizes, and you may find that hyper-local nano influencers with a following from the local area perform best in driving both Instagram and foot traffic. All dentistry practises should be actively using some form of influencer marketing as part of their Instagram marketing strategy. It tops paid advertising in many ways, but mostly from the aspect that the traffic driven puts trust in your brand, as they already follow the influencer directing them to you.

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