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Measure the average engagement rate for any Instagram account based on likes and comments.

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Engagement Rate = Total Engagement / Total Followers x 100%


To put it simply, any likes or comments on your posts are considered as engagement.

Having a high engagement ratio means that your the ability of your content to be seen by people outside of your following dramatically increases.


Brands with high engagement typically have a loyal following which proves useful when selling products.

There are various tactics you can implement to get real followers on Instagram and boost your engagement such as posting the right content at the right time and using hashtags.

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The following 3 factors are how Instagram prioritizes what posts you will see on you Instagram feed (top 3 being the most important):


  • Interest: How much Instagram predicts you will care about a post, based on past behavior and machine learning. For example, if you often like and comment on pictures of puppies, you will be more likely to see more pictures of man’s best friend in your feed.

  • Recency: Instagram will prioritize more recent posts over week-old ones.

  • Relationship: The more often you interact with a user (commenting and being tagged in their posts) the more often you will see their posts.

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