Here at Greedy Growth, we’ve worked with brands from all industries: automotive, travel, food & drinks, you name it. But working with a pet? New territory. We gave ourselves a challenge to put our Instagram skills to the test using the office cat as a guinea pig. Rumpus was either to be destined for greatness, or flop. The results were stunning.

But first, we needed a game plan. Content is the foundation of all Instagram accounts, so we immediately got to work photographing Rumpus in his natural habitat, outside running around, sleeping, and doing other cat-like activities.

We began posting this content – and….


The content was there, but we had to have a way to get exposure to them. This is often where brands and influencers fall flat, they have the ideas and the content, but the execution is simply not there.

Luckily, we had already picked out two strategies that coupled together would prove to be a gamechanger. 

First, what better way to gain exposure than using our own growth service? Using Greedy Growth’s Instagram growth services we were able to get in hundreds of real targeted cat lovers every single month who would go on to become Rumpus super fans!

Next, we used celebrity giveaways. What are celebrity giveaways? Celebrity giveaways are where huge influencers and celebrities partner up with companies that give away something, whether that be a cash prize, and iphone, or a gift card. For people to enter to win the giveaway they need to follow a list of people that the giveaway host has predetermined. When the influencer promotes the giveaway, thousands of people enter the giveaway, and so everyone on the list that the giveaway host outlined gains thousands of followers as well.

It’s a great way to gain real followers who are able to show an interest in your content. As cats are such a generic niche there would be no reason why these new followers wouldn’t have a newfound love for Rumpus!

Using our contacts with giveaway partners at Greedy Growth, we managed to secure Rumpus spots in a couple of upcoming giveaways, and eagerly awaited the results.

The results were huge!

Rumpus saw a huge spike on his Instagram account, and was able to maintain a level of organic growth as a result of the new engaged followers he had gained, to the point where he currently sits at over 34,000 followers – not bad for an office cat!

Here are the biggest takeaways from this experiment.

Your content needs to be relatable

Almost everyone can recognize a cute cat, unless you’re a cat hater (boo), so it was very easy for us to maintain a high engagement ratio. For you as a brand, you need to keep your content relatable, whether that’s incorporating humour into your creatives/captions, or just understanding your customer.

If you don’t already have a large following, leverage others who do

In this case we used a celebrity influencer strategy to reach a huge amount of people from someone else’s audience in a short amount of time, sent to our page out of loyalty to that influencer.

Engagement is a two way street

A good amount of our followers came in from our organic growth strategy using Greedy Growth’s own service. The clue is in the name: social media, so be social. A great way to help new people discover you is to give them a nudge by interacting with them. If you are interested in us doing this for you, then fill out the start now form.

Ultimately, it was an interesting experiment that proves the power of Instagram, managing to turn a normal cat into a formidable influencer on the platform.

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