Since their launch in 2019, Instagram Reels have quickly taken over the app as one of the most interactive and fun features that both creators and brands can make use of. And what’s not to love? In this era of short attention spans, these 15 to 30 seconds clips are the perfect way to get your viewers interested and potentially attract some new audiences. By utilising the following tips, you can have Instagram Reels working for your brand in no time. 

Still not sure how to make an Instagram Reel? Be sure to check out this article first!

1. Make Use of Trends

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New social media challenges and trends are constantly being created every day, to be used and shared by millions of users. Participating in the trends that are relevant to your brand can not only help you gain more followers, but could actually help your brand go viral as well! Using Reels to join in on a trend is a great option as it not only can increase your engagement, but you can also create your own trends or challenges and ask your followers to take part as well.

PRO TIP: Trends and challenges aren’t the only way your brand can engage on Reels – using popular songs, hashtags and filters can also help with visibility. 

2. Spotlight your Products & Services

Reels is the perfect tool to quickly demonstrate the products or services you offer while also exhibiting your brands USP. The quick and captivating nature of Reels allow viewers to learn about your brand and become intrigued by your products all under a minute. For example, you can create Reels about:

  • how to use your products, 
  • the benefits of your products or services,
  • or even use your product to join in on a viral trend!

3. Lift the Curtain

Instagram Reels is also a great way to invite viewers behind the scenes of your brand. Filming BTS Reels content is an easy way to connect with your followers and also add authenticity to your brand. Quality BTS content can include the process of creating your products, a day in the life of working for your brand, or even introducing the rest of your team so your viewers know who exactly is on the other side of the screen. 

4. Re-share User Generated Content

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Re-sharing user generated content is an easy and fun way to get your audience involved with your brand. It adds authenticity to your brand and can also boost engagement rates as viewers will reshare the content you post. You can encourage your followers to create UGC by creating a hashtag challenge for viewers to join in on, or you can even ask micro-influencers to review your products. 

Instagram Reels are an incredibly useful tool to help you grow your brand and your following on the app. You can even repost your Reels on an app like TikTok to further your reach even more! Now that you have these helpful tips, go get posting!

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