Engagement is just as important as the amount of followers that you’ve got. Instagram loves to rank content by the engagement that it’s getting.

Content engagement is measured by the amount of:

– likes

– comments

– saves

– views

– shares

In summary, the more you can encourage people to engage with your content, the more people it’ll be shown to.

So now you’re wondering, how can I increase my engagement?

1. Portrait pictures

Most Instagram users are logged in from their phone. Portrait pictures take up almost all of the screen of their phones, while landscape content is much smaller and users have a tendency to just scroll past. If prior to this you were posting mostly landscape content, try posting a portrait orientated photo/video and surprise yourself with the extra engagement and reach!

2. Push your content with stories

Not all of your followers will see your content right off the bat in their feed, so reach them with stories! Share the post to your story, cover it up with a sticker to increase curiosity, and write ‘Check out our recent post’. It doesn’t seem like much but it can give that extra boost that it takes for the Instagram algorithm to play in your favour.

3. CTA (call to action)

This is probably one of the most important points here. Forget what you’ve been told, people won’t take action if they’re not told to; people are lazy. A simple caption such as…

Double tap if you would do this!

Comment why!

…will increase your engagement so much. Try it! Studies have found that they posts can get x10 the amount of comments as usual when call to action is optimized properly.

4. Videos over photos

While you should be posting both photos as well as videos, if you’re not already posting videos, do it. Instagram favours them compared to photos in terms of reach, and you’ll actually find that videos result in gaining you more followers than photos do. Especially if you’re reposting viral videos, you can potentially reach millions.

5. Hashtags

Ok ok, I know what you’re thinking. I posted a photo with a really popular hashtag and I’m not getting any likes. That’s because in hashtags, you’ll only rank on top posts if you’re getting higher engagement than everyone else using that hashtag. If you’re getting 500 likes per post, using hashtags with 10-100K posts will be great for you because you’ll be ranking top posts and getting a decent amount of exposure. A step up would be to use 20 hastags that you know you’ll rank top of, and 10 more popular hashtags. That way, the extra engagement you get from the 20 hashtags you’ll rank on could boost you onto the 10 big hashtags, and you could even go viral with this snowball effect.