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The strategy

When we first on-boarded Selfskie, we noticed that despite putting out content regularly and using hashtags, they were not  particularly reaching any new people. As shown by the screenshot displayed, they were not getting many impressions. Just a day after we had posted a piece of content with optimized hashtags, we started generating thousands of impressions, all new people, who had never heard of Selfskie.

​Upon signing up Selfskie, we immediately begun to research high search low competition hashtags on Instagram, that could then be used to reach thousands of new, relevant, and industry targeted impressions, every single day, as we were posting 7 times a week.

The results

Within the first four days, we had already organically reached nearly 5,000 brand new people, which had already started converting into followers, profile visits, and website clicks.

Less than 2 months in we had nearly tripled their engagement ratio, and set the record for the most reached post ever on their account.

10K followers in 3 months


When we first took on Gottahaverockandroll at the start of 2019, we established that the primary objective should be to gain relevant followers. Upon assessing their account, we realized the best way to achieve this would be to do highly targeted follow/unfollow. As Gottahaverockandroll auctioned famous pieces from various artists and musicians, it was difficult to focus on a specific audience, but we decided that targeting the fans of Michael Jackson would be the best option.

In just under 4 months, we were able to gain Gottahaverockandroll nearly 10,000 new and engaged followers, nearly doubling the previous audience they had which took over 2 years to build up.


At a glance, the engagement ratio on the posts of the account do not look to impressive at all, but if we go back to what was said earlier, and look at the photos that mentioned/included Michael Jackson, you will notice that the engagement is outstanding, because we grew Gottahaverockandroll followers who were fans of Michael Jackson.


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